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23.03.2018, в 23:33 Dropbox launches on the TechCrunch stage in 2008
Dropbox made its public debut on the stock market in March 2018. Watch the company launch on the TechCrunch stage in 2008.
23.03.2018, в 01:43 Glovo delivers anything you want
This super-lean, surprisingly popular delivery app expanded out of Spain into Italy and South America and filled the niche that Seamless and Postmates fills in bigger US cities.
21.03.2018, в 01:16 GoPro Fusion Review in 60 seconds!
Tito Hamze reviews GoPro's 360 Fusion camera in 60 seconds!
14.03.2018, в 22:00 See Through Walls with Walabot
Walabot is a radio imaging gadget that attaches to your phone and allows you to see through walls. Like an advanced stud finder, Walabot can locate and identify objects. Their parent company Vayyar high hopes for their technology, from applications in emergency services to life alert systems.
12.03.2018, в 17:36 PTScientists’ Alina and Lunar Rover
PTScientists’ Alina and Lunar Rover
11.03.2018, в 21:30 Ayanna Howard, Roboticist | MAKERS
Dr. Ayanna Howard has changed the face of robotics in every sense. She’s one of the few black women in the field and she’s working on inventions with an eye on social impact, not science fiction.makers.com/techmakers
11.03.2018, в 21:30 Limor Fried, Founder & CEO, Adafruit Industries | MAKERS
Electronics. Companies. Movements. Limor Fried can build anything. In fact, the MIT graduate loves sharing her ideas and the tools for creating them so much she created Adafruit Industries, a top-20 U.S. manufacturing firm and a global online community that follows her every machine-making move.makers.com/techmakers
11.03.2018, в 21:30 Diana Trujillo, Aerospace Engineer | MAKERS
Men can have the moon. As an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Diana Trujillo is taking us to Mars. Trujillo’s work on the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover mission has given us our first close-up glimpses of Mars and clear evidence that the Red Planet was once capable of supporting life.makers.com/techmakers
11.03.2018, в 21:30 Fei-Fei Li, Professor at Stanford University & Chief Technologist at Google Cloud | MAKERS
Fei-Fei Li came to the U.S. from China at 16 with a love for science and she never looked back. Educated at Princeton and Caltech, her early work in robotics revolutionized machine learning and AI. Her focus on inclusion in tech careers and diversity in what we teach machines suggests that tomorrow’s robots won’t be sexist.makers.com/techmakers
11.03.2018, в 21:30 Mary Lou Jepsen, Inventor, Entrepreneur | MAKERS
If anyone can make a Vulcan mind meld come true, it’s tech inventor Mary Lou Jepsen. With every new invention, she’s moving humanity closer to unlocking the mind for both health and communications purposes.makers.com/techmakers
08.03.2018, в 19:00 Tesla Model 3 review
The Tesla Model 3 achieves everything Tesla intended with this car: It’s fast, fun to drive, relatively affordable and has great electric range. The only downside is that you’ll have a heck of a time getting one.
08.03.2018, в 16:00 Samsung Galaxy S9+ review
Samsung Galaxy S9+ review
08.03.2018, в 08:00 All the coolest cars at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show
TechCrunch attended the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, which is a showcase for ambitious, wild, fast and fantastic cars from basically all the world's automakers. Here's what caught our eye this year.
08.03.2018, в 00:46 Bitcoins for handmade boots at Urban Shepard
Tiago Maximo, the owner of a small boot shop in Barcelona, Spain explains why makers are looking to Bitcoin and how Bitcoin is currently falling short.
02.03.2018, в 22:04 Chargin’ at San Francisco Hills with electric Jump Bikes
Jump Bikes is a newer bike share program that launched in San Francisco. They use electric assist bikes so you can reach speeds up to 20mph. I rode around the city with the CEO of Jump Bikes Ryan Rzepecki to learn about the company.
27.02.2018, в 20:00 Google Clips review
Google Clips review
26.02.2018, в 19:37 Self Driving Porsche Powered by Huawei's Mate 10 Pro
Huawei shows off the power of it's Kirin 970 chipset by powering a self driving Porsche.
25.02.2018, в 22:20 Real-Time Language Translation Earbuds
Waverly Labs is a 20 person Brooklyn-based company that specializes in real-time translation through a pair of Bluetooth earbuds called Pilot.
25.02.2018, в 20:00 Samsung Galaxy S9
Check out the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+
20.02.2018, в 20:49 Zeitgold makes AI-driven financial tools for small businesses
Zeitgold creates an end to end AI-driven financial tool that helps small businesses digitize their paper documents and mange them via an app.
16.02.2018, в 22:39 Cloudflare is protecting the internet using groovy lava lamps
We visited Cloudflare to help protect the internet with lava lamps.
16.02.2018, в 01:49 Blinkist book summaries stay people-powered in an automated world
One might think that a tech company looking to summarize books would use some machine learning algorithm to break down those weighty tomes. But Blinkist has found success by going the opposite direction and keeping things deeply human.
15.02.2018, в 17:12 Miso shows off its hamburger flipping robot
Miso shows off its hamburger flipping robot
10.02.2018, в 21:00 Traeger Conected Grill
I have seen a lot of cool tech over the years, but the Taeger Grill is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. Temperature controlled by flavor infused wood pellets this app enabled grilled will give you the perfect cook every time.
09.02.2018, в 20:17 What it was like to be at SpaceX's historic Falcon Heavy launch
We witnessed SpaceX's historic Falcon Heavy launch – here's what it's like to be there
08.02.2018, в 22:16 Ida Tin: Female health keeps changing, and we want to automate as much as we can
Clue is a period tracking app that collects data that helps people understand when they are fertile. Ida Tin talks about user retention and safeguarding data.
06.02.2018, в 06:07 TechCrunch at SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch
TechCrunch at SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch
06.02.2018, в 04:23 EHANG 184 test flight
The autonomous aerial vehicle takes flight.
02.02.2018, в 02:37 Nintendo Labo hands-on
Nintendo Labo hands-on
01.02.2018, в 18:37 Phantom AI L2 ADAS feature accident
On January 30, 2018, TechCrunch editorial staff were on board a Phantom AI test vehicle driven by Phantom co-founder Chan Kyu Lee when it was involved in an accident on the freeway resulting in a rear-end collision. Here's the video of the impact, from both front and back using a 360-degree camera.
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