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08.12.2018, в 08:11 Brickblock real estate investment
BrickBlock is a Berlin-based real estate startup that aiming to make the investment process easier.
08.12.2018, в 08:11 Arculus modern assembly line
Arculus has developed a new production system to replace the 100-year-old assembly line designed by Henry Ford.
06.12.2018, в 02:41 Disrupt Berlin 2018 Highlights
Here's a quick look back at Disrupt Berlin 2018.
04.12.2018, в 04:44 Building Africa's Technology Ecosystem — Disrupt Berlin 2018
As technology startups begin to flourish in sub-Saharan Africa, what opportunities and obstacles lie ahead? Hear from Omobola Johnson (TLcom Capital) and Elo Umeh (Terragon Group).
30.11.2018, в 19:07 Legacy wins the Startup Battlefield Finals at Disrupt Berlin
Legacy is aiming to make the issue of male fertility problems simpler and easier for men worldwide with a private, mail-in kit and included sperm testing and freezing services.
30.11.2018, в 19:06 Imago AI wins runner up in the Startup Battlefield Finals at Disrupt Berlin
Imago AI has develoepd an AI enabled autonomous agri-food quality inspection system designed to make it easier and faster for companies to measure their crop and food quality.
30.11.2018, в 19:06 Kalepso presents in the Startup Battlefield Finals at Disrupt Berlin
Kalepso is a cybersecurity startup that offers users a previously unattainable combination of post-quantum security with full database processing.
30.11.2018, в 13:44 Social Authenticity with Robby Stein (Instagram) | Disrupt Berlin 2018
Instagram's profound and complex impact on today's youth holds critical lessons for anyone building apps. Instagram's product leader Robby Stein tells us what keeps teens coming back, and how the company is fighting the bullies that drive them away.
30.11.2018, в 12:47 Tandem and N26 break down Europe's fintech fever
Thanks to a unified market, fintech startups have boomed in Europe. And yet, with so many megarounds and startups doing the same thing, are we experiencing a fintech fever? Hear from Tandem's CEO Ricky Knox and N26's CEO Valentin Stalf
29.11.2018, в 21:18 Live from Disrupt Berlin 2018 Day 1
TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018 — Day 1
29.11.2018, в 17:26 Bootstrapping Your Way to the Top with Denys Zhadanov (Readdle)
Readdle, a strartup out of Ukraine, has racked up 100 million downloads of its popular PDF app, and is now making a bold move into other productivity tools, all without a single dime of funding. It can be done! Hear Denys Zhadanov tell his startup’s story.
29.11.2018, в 16:43 Via and Taxify co-founder share strategies to beat Uber at its own game
It's time to admit there won't be a single global leader in the ride-sharing industry. Many companies will survive and compete in dozens of countries with different offerings. But how do you beat Uber at its own game?
29.11.2018, в 14:13 How electric scooters can reshap cities with Caen Contee (Lime)
Scooter startup Lime has been rolling out its electric scooters across Europe. As European cities are slowly evolving to make it easier to use a bike instead of a car, electric scooters foster a whole new set of questions. Should cities adapt to scooters or should scooters adapt to cities?
16.11.2018, в 10:07 Black Ember's WPRT Rolltop Modular Backpack
TC stops by Black Ember HQ in San Francisco to take a look at their new modular backpacks and how they design and produce gear.
12.11.2018, в 22:19 Olho Do Dono — Winner of Startup Battlefield Latin America 2018
Olho Do Dono offers software that uses a portable 3D camera to estimate cattle weight, allowing cattle owners to monitor livestock weight evolution in a frequent and stress-free manner.
03.11.2018, в 10:00 Moment Anamorphic Lens Review
This little lens brings big screen cinemascope perspective to mobile phones via a phone case for either the iPhone, Google Pixel, or Galaxy.
30.10.2018, в 20:57 Apple introduces a new iPad Pro
Apple's latest flagship tablet features speed and performance boosts across the board
30.10.2018, в 20:51 Meet the new Macbook Air
Meet the new Macbook Air
30.10.2018, в 20:24 The new Mac mini
Apple has updated their Mac mini
26.10.2018, в 21:40 Making the World Your Game with Ross Finman (Niantic) | TC Sessions AR/VR 2018
Between the worldwide craze of Pokémon GO and the soon-to-launch Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic knows AR. We chat to Niantic's Head of AR Research to find out what's next.
26.10.2018, в 21:13 Kickstarting an Industry with Yelena Rachitzky (Oculus) | TC Sessions AR/VR 2018
Oculus has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into funding VR content, and while the headset market is still small, developers have built plenty of games and experiences. Facebook’s VR future rests on people finding new worlds that they want to step into, how will Oculus make this happen?
26.10.2018, в 21:09 Fireside Chat with Jon Snoddy (Walt Disney Imagineering) | TC Sessions AR/VR 2018
Fireside Chat with Jon Snoddy (Walt Disney Imagineering) at TC Sessions AR/VR 2018.
25.10.2018, в 00:00 Facebook's Head Of Augmented reality on its plans for AR glasses
Facebook's Ficus Kirkpatrick tells TechCrunch's Josh Constine about the company's progress building an augmented reality headset.
24.10.2018, в 17:45 A closer look at Mirror
A closer look at Mirror
19.10.2018, в 01:48 The RadMini By Rad Power Bike Is Hefty Yet Rad!
Tito Hamze reviews the Radmini Electric Folding Fat bike by Rad Power Bikes. This thing is a heavy beast but one hell of a smooth ride. Produced byTito Hamze (@titoyooo)HostTito HamzeEditorTito HamzeShooterGregory ManaloSpecial ThanksTyron PelserPatrick MillerTravis Fisher
18.10.2018, в 13:00 Inside Facebook's election security war room
Facebook's election security war room is the nerve center of company's ongoing efforts to combat disinformation and other threats to democracy.
10.10.2018, в 17:00 The Insta360 ONE X
The action camera now has 5.7K Video, improved stabilization, and cinematic slow-mo.
09.10.2018, в 23:26 All things new from Google
Here is the full recap from today's Google event
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