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24.09.2018, в 07:00 Openpath makes automatic lock systems for commercial space
An access control system that grants entry to locations.
23.09.2018, в 19:30 Omega Grid blockchain energy rewards platform
A peer-to-peer blockchain energy platform for utilities.
23.09.2018, в 06:00 Lifebank helps deliver essential medical supplies in Nigeria
A platform that makes blood available when and where it is needed in Nigeria to save lives.
23.09.2018, в 03:15 Infostellar provides a platform for satellite communication
A satellite antenna sharing platform.
23.09.2018, в 03:15 Humaniq provides a mobile banking solution for emerging markets
A London-based fintech firm that provides next-generation financial services using its blockchain-based mobile application.
23.09.2018, в 03:15 GreenSTOP offers a retail platform fo the cannabis industry
An ancillary cannabis technology company that utilizes hardware and software to automate the retail cannabis industry.
23.09.2018, в 03:15 Garbi smart trash can
A smart trash can that can recognize anything you throw away and reorder it with the tap of a button.
23.09.2018, в 03:15 Eazyloop Express offers automated shipping with multiple providers
A platform that delivers packages from the USA to Ghana.
20.09.2018, в 07:45 Carbn helps keep human centric data private
A developer of data and privacy management software for business customers.
19.09.2018, в 21:46 Audacy provides a communication network for space
Space communications startup creating first commercial inter-satellite data relay network for continuous connectivity to satellites.
19.09.2018, в 13:00 Apple Watch Series 4
Apple Watch Series 4
19.09.2018, в 06:45 Airfox provides mobile banking for unbanked customers
Offers a free Android app to extend critical financial services to billions of unbanked and underbanked people in emerging markets around the globe.
19.09.2018, в 03:21 Audi goes after the Model X
Audi has gone electric. Meet the e-tron, its first fully electric production vehicle.
18.09.2018, в 21:11 3DLOOK mobile body scanning for e-commerce and retail
Develops the most advanced mobile body scanning tech for apparel brands and e-commerce and retail.
18.09.2018, в 06:00 Caaresys monitors passengers in your vehicle using a hardware sensor
An Israeli startup that develops a vehicle passenger monitoring system based on contactless low-emission radio frequency radar.
17.09.2018, в 23:03 Cargofy uses AI to help owner-operator truck drivers
Virtual AI-assistant for owner-operators.
17.09.2018, в 22:06 Electronic Apparel debuts a new line of powered clothing at Disrupt SF 2018
Seismic founder and CEO Rich Mahoney debuts his company's latest line of powered clothing. Through a combination of textiles and robotics, Seismic’s garments are a kind of soft robotic exoskeleton. The suit’s electro-mechanical muscles increase the wearer’s mobility, while remaining discreet under their clothing
15.09.2018, в 22:00 Mount Wish provides automated insurance for FICC risks
Fully automated mutual insurance for FICC risks (Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities) and digital CIB front office.
15.09.2018, в 18:00 Oxygen offers banking for freelancers
Banking and lending for the massive gig economy.
15.09.2018, в 08:00 Rideshare Sellers offers in-vehicle advertising solutions
In-vehicle headrest advertisement delivery system for rideshare.
14.09.2018, в 21:49 1 Phone 2 Phone 3 Phone iPhone XS Max Phone
TechCrunch hardware editor Brian Heater joins Tito Hamze on the show to talk about the new iPhone XS, XS MAX, XR and Apple Watch Series 4 that came out this week. Welcome to the new show. Please leave any comments and feedback and we'll evolve and make the show better over time. :) Thank youTwitter: @titoyoooLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tito-hamze-34198b46
14.09.2018, в 21:15 The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR
TC takes a first hand look at the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.
14.09.2018, в 21:15 Apple Watch Series 4
TC takes a look at the Apple Watch Series 4.
14.09.2018, в 20:00 Rosey automatic grading system for teachers
A web platform that automatically grades freely written text for teachers and provides meaningful feedback to students.
13.09.2018, в 02:33 All you need to know from the Apple event
Watches and phones galore! This year apple thew its weights behind their flagship mobile hardware. Hit play to find out everything you need to know.
13.09.2018, в 01:09 Apple introduces the iPhone XR
Description: Apple announced a new budget friendly iPhone called the iPhone XR. The XR has a 6.1-inch LCD display and is roughly between the size of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.
13.09.2018, в 00:25 Apple introduces the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
Apple unveils two new iPhones, the iPhone XS and XS MAX. The iPhone Xs has a 5.8 inch display, while the Xs Max has a larger, 6.5 inch display. Key upgrades include faster FaceID, upgraded dust and water resistance, wider stereo sound, dual-SIM support, an improved camera, and a faster chip (new A12 Bionic chip).
13.09.2018, в 00:18 Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 4
Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 4
12.09.2018, в 06:00 Sonder dynamic E Ink keyboard
Infinite possibilities at your fingertips, with the world’s first E Ink keyboard.
12.09.2018, в 02:26 Highlights: TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018
A quick look at TechCrunch's largest Disrupt to date!
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