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16.01.2018, в 01:30 XPRIZE finalist Cloud DX’s Vitaliti is a serious health wearable
An outgrowth of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, Vitaliti is designed to work on patients recently released from the hospital, so their attending physician can continue to monitor them remotely.
13.01.2018, в 01:13 Heal launches Wellbe so doctors can always track your vitals
Heal the company that offers doctor house calls has launched Wellbe a platform that connects to all your health tracking devices, collects the data and sends it back to your physician for timely, actionable preventative care.
12.01.2018, в 22:03 Yesojo gives your Nintendo Switch a big screen you can use anywhere
The Yesojo is a portable projector with a built-in battery pack that gives you a bright, 720p display anywhere you want one. It powers the Switch for up to four hours of gameplay, and has a built-in speaker, too.
12.01.2018, в 03:51 MirraViz is a revolutionary way to do split screen gaming
MirraViz wants to bring an end to gamers screen peeking. The startup's display technology lets different people watch different things on the same projector screen depending on where they're sitting.
12.01.2018, в 03:49 Cruisin’ on the Onewheel+XR
Onewheel has been around since in some form since 2014 and at this years CES they launched their most powerful and longest range board yet the Onewheel+XR. Tito Hamze got to try it out.
12.01.2018, в 03:25 Boeing Prototype Drone Can Carry 500 Pounds | Crunch Report
YouTube hands out its punishment to Logan Paul, Ripple announces XRP trial with MoneyGram and Boeing prototypes a drone that can carry 500 pounds. All this on Crunch Report.
11.01.2018, в 23:59 Byton Concept SUV
One of the stars of this year’s CES is the Byton Concept, an aptly named concept vehicle from the new electric car startup that wowed audiences at its launch with tech-forward features, including a huge, wraparound dash display that includes infotainment features like video chat, user health information, cabin controls, navigation and more.
11.01.2018, в 23:47 Loomo Robo Companion
Not just a vehicle or a robot, Loomo can be your robo companion.
11.01.2018, в 22:43 The Root robot teaches kids to code through Spirograph-style drawings
Harvard hardware spinoff Root Robotics shows off its wall-climbing codable drawing 'bot.
11.01.2018, в 22:39 Formlabs wants stores to 3D print custom earbuds on the fly
We take a look at Formlabs’ latest projects, from an automated 3D printing robot to custom earbuds that electrics retailers could print while you wait.
11.01.2018, в 05:21 Jimmy Iovine is not leaving Apple | Crunch Report
Stationless bike-sharing program is coming to San Francisco, Kodak announces an ICO and its stock then jumps and Jimmy Iovine is not leaving Apple. All this on Crunch Report.
11.01.2018, в 01:18 Wonder Workshop lets kids learn Javascript by programming robots
Wonder Workshop is launching Cue, their newest robot that lets kids learn Javascript or block programming using their friendly robots.
11.01.2018, в 00:48 Sony COO talks Aibo and CES favorites
Sony President & COO Mike Fasulo sits down with TechCrunch's Ingrid Lunden to talk about their newest robot dog and his favorite products coming out of CES 2018.
11.01.2018, в 00:37 Debussy puts a smartphone in your headphones
Debussy headphones have a built in LED touchscreen display and can use streaming services directly using built in 4g. The headphones come in a variety of styles and prices ranging up to $5000.
11.01.2018, в 00:21 Coravin lets you pour your wine without opening the bottle
Wine is pretty great, but who hasn't let half a bottle go bad by accident or refrained from opening one because they only wanted a glass? Coravin is a gadget that pierces the cork and lets you pour any amount of wine, then seals the hole behind it when you're done. No more wasted vino! But get ready to shell out for the gas cartridges that it runs on.
11.01.2018, в 00:14 I slid down Google’s slide at CES
TechCrunch’s Tito Hamze took a tour of Google’s massive booth at CES. Join him as he takes you on a journey to show you all the goodies.
10.01.2018, в 00:30 ElliQ Robot Raises $22 Million | Crunch Report
ElliQ robot raises $22 million, Facebook is shutting down M and Google Assistant comes to Android Auto. All this on Crunch Report.
10.01.2018, в 00:14 Uvify’s OORI is a 50 MPH drone that fits in the palm of your hand
Uvify’s OORI packs the guts of a racing drone into a package that fits in your hand. It can fly up to 50 MPH out of the box (or up to 60 MPH, with some modifications). It has a built in camera which sends a first person view back to a display built into the controller. At $389, it’s a good middle ground between purely toy drones and the considerably more expensive full-size racing drones.
09.01.2018, в 23:51 ForwardX AI self following suitcase
ForwardX is making a smart suitcase that uses a self-driving algorithm and AI to follow you around using gestures and voice commands.
09.01.2018, в 20:48 A Telegram ICO Would Be Huge | Crunch Report
Telegram is planning a multi-billion-dollar ICO, Uber taps Nvidia for self-driving chips and DraftKings launches single-game NFL fantasy contests. All this on Crunch Report.
09.01.2018, в 07:36 Meet Aibo, the robot dog from Sony
The robot pup features life like animation and uses deep learning technology to get to know its owner a little bit better. Aibo recognizes head pats and words, and sits when commanded (sometimes). The rebooted robot went up for pre-order in Japan in November for 198,000 JPY (~$1,735). It’s set to start shipping soon.Read morehttps://techcrunch.com/2018/01/08/sonys-new-aibo-robot-just-melted-the-hearts-of-a-room-full-of-jaded-tech-bloggers/
09.01.2018, в 06:46 Intel's drones play the piano and dance in the air
Intel's CES 2018 keynote kicks off with drones playing the piano
09.01.2018, в 03:45 I played Ping Pong against a robot
TechCrunch's Tito hamze played Ping Pong against a Omron's demonstration Robot. The Robot was good but no match for Tito's charm and good looks.
09.01.2018, в 03:27 RightEye eye-tracking tests for health
RightEye creates eye-tracking tests and games that provide insights to improve everyday vision, reading vision, sports vision as well as health conditions such as brain injury and concussion.
09.01.2018, в 02:10 Mirabook turns your smartphone into a laptop
Miraxess Mirabook is a device that lets you connect your smartphone into a lightweight laptop and use its power to run applications.
08.01.2018, в 21:46 Lyft and Aptiv bring robotaxis to CES
Aptiv and Lyft are showing off their deepening partnership with a self-driving ride-hailing service that anyone at CES this year can potentially use, for up to 20 destinations in Las Vegas.
08.01.2018, в 10:33 5 products from TC’s first day at CES
5 products from TC’s first day at CES
06.01.2018, в 02:13 GoPro Cuts 200-300 Jobs | Crunch Report
App revenue reached $60 billion in 2017, Travis Kalanick is selling 29 percent of his Uber shares and GoPro cuts 200-300 jobs. All this on Crunch Report.
05.01.2018, в 02:30 Ethereum Hits $1,000 a Coin | Crunch Report
Ethereum hits $1,000 a coin, Eero lays off 20% of staff and Mark Zuckerberg issues his 2018 challenge. All this on Crunch Report.
04.01.2018, в 23:00 Ragtagd reinvents the lost and found
Using ultra-simple RFID tags, Ragtagd makes sure your kid never loses stuff at school.
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