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16.01.2018, в 01:30

XPRIZE finalist Cloud DX’s Vitaliti is a serious health wearable

An outgrowth of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, Vitaliti is designed to work on patients recently released from the hospital, so their attending physician can continue to monitor them remotely.
13.01.2018, в 01:13

Heal launches Wellbe so doctors can always track your vitals

Heal the company that offers doctor house calls has launched Wellbe a platform that connects to all your health tracking devices, collects the data and sends it back to your physician for timely, actionable preventative care.
12.01.2018, в 22:03

Yesojo gives your Nintendo Switch a big screen you can use anywhere

The Yesojo is a portable projector with a built-in battery pack that gives you a bright, 720p display anywhere you want one. It powers the Switch for up to four hours of gameplay, and has a built-in speaker, too.
12.01.2018, в 03:51

MirraViz is a revolutionary way to do split screen gaming

MirraViz wants to bring an end to gamers screen peeking. The startup's display technology lets different people watch different things on the same projector screen depending on where they're sitting.
12.01.2018, в 03:49

Cruisin’ on the Onewheel+XR

Onewheel has been around since in some form since 2014 and at this years CES they launched their most powerful and longest range board yet the Onewheel+XR. Tito Hamze got to try it out.
12.01.2018, в 03:25

Boeing Prototype Drone Can Carry 500 Pounds | Crunch Report

YouTube hands out its punishment to Logan Paul, Ripple announces XRP trial with MoneyGram and Boeing prototypes a drone that can carry 500 pounds. All this on Crunch Report.
11.01.2018, в 23:59

Byton Concept SUV

One of the stars of this year’s CES is the Byton Concept, an aptly named concept vehicle from the new electric car startup that wowed audiences at its launch with tech-forward features, including a huge, wraparound dash display that includes infotainment features like video chat, user health information, cabin controls, navigation and more.