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23.06.2018, в 01:00

Fundamentals Support a USDJPY View but Hopelessly Complicate EURUSD (Quick Take Video)

Talking Points:

• There are a number of fundamental themes exerting extraordinary market influence: trade wars; monetary policy; risk trends
• With exposure to all of the themes and complications in its standing with them, EURUSD is a particularly difficult trade
• While USDJPY certainly has connections to all the same themes, its sensitivity and probabilities promote a more direct view

Do fundamentals confound you and undermine your trades rather than support them? Come join my Fundamental Trading webinar on Mondays where we discuss what event risk and themes matter most for moving the markets. Sign up on the DailyFX Webinar page. (https://www.dailyfx.com/webinars?ref-author=Kicklighter)
23.06.2018, в 00:47

Keeping EURUSD and Equities in Focus as US Raises Trade War Stakes with EU

Talking Points:

• In a tweet, President Trump escalated the stakes of a global trade war by threatening a 20% tariff on imports of European cars
• The Dollar started to retreat in earnest through the end of the week suggesting a recognition of blowback from trade wars
• For the week ahead, Dollar, Euro and the Kiwi carry considerable risk; while the Pound, Yen and Loonie are less burdened

See how retail traders are positioning in EUR/USD, other key Dollar pairs and global equity indices as monetary policy adds to concern already stoked by trade wars, monetary policy and other critical themes. Find speculative positioning on the DailyFX sentiment page. (https://www.dailyfx.com/sentiment?ref-author=Kicklighter)