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Forex Trading Video: Yellen, IMF and Senate Unnerve More than the Dollar and Dow
28.06.2017 в 03:06
Talking Points: • Risk aversion gained dangerous traction through Tuesday's US session close with an equity tumble and VIX surge• An IMF downgrade of US growth on fading Trump policy hopes seemed reinforced by a delayed Senate vote on healthcare• The Dollar was driven lower as much by the broader market's risk concerns as any direct rate forecasts or local risksRead the full article here:https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/video/daily_news_report/2017/06/28/Trading-Video-Yellen-IMF-and-Senate-Unnerv...
A bad day for cybersecurity | Crunch Report
28.06.2017 в 02:06
A bad day for cybersecurity, Target delivering next day essentials, Cloudflare’s money fund and Uber someone else everywhere
Backstage Fever @ Mad VMA 2017 by Coca-Cola & Aussie
28.06.2017 в 01:06
Περισσότερο backstage από τα Mad Video Music Awards 2017 by Coca-Cola & Aussie!
MIT's Jungle Hawk Owl Drone
28.06.2017 в 01:06
MIT engineers have launched the Jungle Hawk Owl drone from the back of a car.This was the first flight for the 24-foot-wide drone, which the team says can stay in the air for five days on a single tank of gas.

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