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Манчестер Сити — Хоффенхайм. Обзор матча. 2:1. 12.12.2018
13.12.2018 в 02:12
Манчестер Сити Хоффенхайм 2:1Голы: Сане, 45+1, 61 Крамарич, 16 (с пенальти).Манчестер Сити: Эдерсон Стоунз (Уокер, 46), Ляпорт, Отаменди, Зинченко (Делф, 64) Б. Силва (Компани, 85), Гюндоган, Фоден Стерлинг, Жезус, Сане.Хоффенхайм: Бауманн Нуху, Хюбнер, Бренет (Нельсон, 46) Кадержабек, Гейгер (Амири, 63), Гриллитч, Биттенкурт (Бельфодил, 70), Шульц Крамарич, Жоэлитон.Предупреждения: Гриллитч, Жоэлинтон.#footballuatv #Лигачемпионов
Investing in African Startups with Kola Aina, Marieme Diop and Omobola Johnson
13.12.2018 в 01:12
Discussing the unique landscape of the African startup ecosystem and what can be learned from Silicon Valley's approach to venture capital.
Fireside Chat with Funke Opeke (Main One)
13.12.2018 в 01:12
Dubbed as the person responsible for powering broadband across all of West Africa, Funke Opeke has become one of the most well-known people in the African tech community. MainOne, a telecoms company Opeke leads as CEO, is responsible for driving internet use across West Africa by investing in digital infrastructures. In this fireside chat, we will what’s next and how to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to build scalable businesses.
Expats, Repats and Africans with Kwame Acheampong, Eleni Gabre-Madhin and Lexi Novitske
13.12.2018 в 01:12
Africa’s tech sector is reshaping the movement of people, investment, and talent between the continent and the world. But what are the pros and cons of repatriates returning to launch companies, expats choosing Africa’s tech scene over others, and VCs deploying greater capital to region?

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