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What Does This Rare Positive Correlation Between VIX and S&P 500 Mean?
19.01.2018 в 03:01
Talking Points: • The 10-day correlation between the S&P 500 and VIX has turned positive — a generally rare occurence• The 0.87 correlation coefficient reading between the two has only been higher four times in the past 20 years• Extreme complacency, the rise of volatility products and years of ever-greater exposure has led to yet another abnormal signal What is the 1Q fundamental and technical forecast for the US Dollar? Are DailyFX analysts interested in any Dollar-based exposure as top trad...
Neither S&P 500 Nor Dollar Moved Threat of US Government Shutdown (Forex Trading Video)
19.01.2018 в 03:01
Talking Points: • S&P 500 and Dow 30' 2018 climb hasn't been broken, but momentum has dried up which has also made the VIX rise more noticeable• Chinese 4Q GDP update signals the first annual acceleration in growth in seven years — boon for Chinese shares but not global risk• The threat of a US government shut down finds little concern from Dollar or US markets, but the implications would be severeWhat are the DailyFX analysts' forecasts for Global equities, the Dollar, Euro, Pound, commoditie...
Amazon reveals 20 finalists for second HQ | Crunch Report
19.01.2018 в 02:01
The 20 finalist cities for Amazon's second HQ are announced, HuffPost drops its free contributor platform and Uber's SoftBank deal officially closes. All this on Crunch Report.

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