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Recession Concerns Not Yet a Market Panic, Dollar and Pound Face Struggle
26.03.2019 в 03:03
Recession Talking Points: • Recession fears that have drawn attention to the yield curve remain, but that has yet to trigger outright fear in capital markets• Monetary policy is facing far more scheduled provocation than growth concerns or trade wars, but don't write off any of these threats• The Brexit situation remains highly dynamic as the PM suggests no MV3 Tuesday, expect Pound volatility and range to prevailSee how retail traders are positioned in US crude oil as it holds 58, Gold as it ...
«Человек-паук» помог Нотр-Даму
26.03.2019 в 03:03
«Французский человек-паук» взобрался на небоскрёб, чтобы собрать средства на реставрацию древнего собора…

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