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Khatra Khatra Khatra — 19th July 2019 — खतरा खतरा खतरा
20.07.2019 в 08:07
To watch the full episode of 'Khatra Khatra Khatra' anytime, Download the #Voot app now or Visit :https://www.voot.com/shows/khatra-khatra-khatra/1/760297/khatra-ke-revengers/814862Love pranking your friends and putting them in awkward spots? That’s exactly what Bharti, Harsh, Vikas, Ridhima and Aditya are doing in the unpredictable and unabashed show, Khatra Khatra Khatra. After their adventurous journey of Khatron Ke Khiladi 9, your favourites are back to challenge each other with the funnie...
Choti Sarrdaarni — 19th July 2019 — छोटी सरदारनी
20.07.2019 в 08:07
To watch the full episode of 'Choti Sarrdaarni' anytime, Download the #Voot app now or Visit :https://www.voot.com/shows/choti-sarrdaarni/1/809170/choti-sarrdaarni-season-01-episode-15/814856Meher is coerced by her mother into marrying Sarabjeet, a widower with a 5 year-old child. But, much to her mother’s dislike, Meher is pregnant with her lover, Manav’s child. Can she stand up for her love and fight her own? This is the journey of a strong-willed woman who makes her own rules and stands by ...
Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka — 19th July 2019 — सिलसिला बदलते रिश्तों का
20.07.2019 в 08:07
To watch the full episode of 'Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka' anytime, Download the #Voot app now or Visit :https://www.voot.com/shows/silsila/1/606786/ruhaan-mishti-s-new-house/814570From helpless little girls caught in the tumultuous relationship of their parents to young independent women, Mishti and Pari are all grown up! But does the baggage of the past really ever go away? What happens when they are faced with the tough choices of life? Will they choose true love over commitments? A coming-o...
Gathbandhan — 19th July 2019 — गठ बंधन
20.07.2019 в 08:07
To watch the full episode of 'Gathbandhan' anytime, Download the #Voot app now or Visit :https://www.voot.com/shows/gathbandhan/1/741245/dhanak-vs-maya-the-kabaddi-clash/814857He is the quintessential mohalle ka gunda, she aspires to be a tough cop! Raghu and Dhanak are worlds apart, but little do they know that destiny has other plans for their Gathbandhan. What happens when Raghu falls in love with Dhanak at the very first sight? Hint: The beginning of a unique love story! Watch Gathbandhan ...
Vish — 19th July 2019 — विष
20.07.2019 в 08:07
To watch the full episode of 'Vish' anytime, Download the #Voot app now or Visit :https://www.voot.com/shows/vish/1/803424/aditya-attacked-by-nagini/814876Vishaili and Vishaila’s lifespan extends into thousands of years and they keep changing their bodies after the poison within them reaches alarming levels. While Vishaili accomplishes Sabrina’s body and comes into her full powers to live her life as a mortal, Vishaila’s body alteration gets interrupted by unforeseen circumstances and that tur...
Время покажет. Выпуск от 19.07.2019
20.07.2019 в 08:07
В студии программы «Время покажет» эксперты, политики и политологи обсуждают самые актуальные темы общественной и политической жизни в стране и в мире.В центре внимания Украина накануне выборов в Верховную раду; новые санкции США против России и Турции; российское мобильное приложение FaceApp как угроза национальной безопасности США.
Expect More Dollar and Dow Volatility on Fed Speculation, Trade Wars, US GDP (Trading Video)
20.07.2019 в 05:07
Dollar Talking Points: • Monetary policy will take on a more significant fundamental roll into the new week with volatile Fed Speculation and the ECB decision• Scheduled event risk will place growth as a top theme with global PMIs for July on Wednesday and US 2Q GDP on Friday• Trade wars, earnings and geopolitical risks all carry the potential to strike a nerve and charge volatilityWhat do the DailyFX Analysts expect from the Dollar, Euro, Equities, Oil and more through the 3Q 2019? Download ...
EURUSD At the Crossroads of Most Critical Volatility Lines (Quick Take Video)
20.07.2019 в 04:07
EURUSD Talking Points: • While there have been some flashes of volatility in EURUSD, the bigger picture measures are painfully restricted• Key fundamental themes — from monetary policy, trade wars and growth — carry dangerous exposure for this benchmark pair• While volatility within controlled range is the most reasonable scenario, narrow boarders eventually fall to persistent volatilitySee how retail traders are positioning in EURUSD and other liquid FX crosses using the DailyFX speculative p...
Южноуральцам презентовали новые квитанции за свет
20.07.2019 в 02:07
Время новостей от 19.07.2019 смотрите весь выпуск по ссылке https://www.1obl.ru/tv/vremya-novostey/vremya-novostey-ot-19-07-2019/yuzhnouraltsam-prezentovali-novye-kvitantsii-za-svet/?utm_source=youtubeУралэнергосбыт — новый гарантирующий поставщик электроэнергии — презентовал южноуральцам новые квитанции. Платёжки будут сделаны в необычном формате и станут цветными.Об этом рассказали представители компании на встрече с жителями.Квитанция прибавит в размере — станет формата А4. Принесут её в ви...

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